Why I love to use notebooks

I love to use notebooks because they spark creativity, improve my productivity and inspire me.

Carrying a notebook – this tells your subconscious to expect ideas to flow. We all know our best ideas happen when we least expect them that’s why many people keep a notebook by their bed. I certainly do, as many ideas come to me before bed, during the night or first thing in the morning.

Declutter your bran – as busy mums, we have so many ideas, to-dos, and actions. Writing them down in a notebook helps declutter your brain.

One main to-do list – write a complete to-do list in your notebook this helps you from feeling overwhelmed.
Getting it out of your head and on to paper feels amazing, you will feel so much lighter for doing so.

Journalling – it is not easy to find time to journal but maybe you just write down things your baby or children have been doing. It does not have to be any more than a few lines, remember to date them, and you will always have them to refer back too.

Write down your goals – writing them down helps your brain turn them into a reality!