Buggyfit Postnatal fitness classes

Outdoor BUGGYFit postnatal workouts - baby comes too!

Healthy and welcoming postnatal fitness classes.

Suitable for new mums and beyond

Exercise for you with a postnatal specialist instructor

Email: debbie.donaldson1@sky.com or call: 07846 237 855


Do you want help to get back into exercise after having had a baby?
Buggyfit postnatal classes help tone up your mummy muscles and help you get back in to your prebaby clothes. Fun friendly motivating classes suitable from 6wks after birth a great way to get back into shape with no childcare worries.

Postnatal Buggyfit allows you to exercise and bring your baby. Outdoor classes = £6.50 a session

Monthly commitment after a taster session

You can join a class once you have completed your 6 week GP checkup.

Great feedback

"Before I came to buggy fit I was very aware that I needed/wanted to get back into exercise but I didn't know where to start and felt a bit overwhelmed by the enormity of getting back into shape. My biggest concern about starting was that I would be the most unfit and end up struggling behind everyone else! Over the last few weeks, being part of buggy fit has given me a real mental and physical boost. I know I'm managing the exercises better and I go away feeling like I've achieved something."


Why not try a £6.50 Buggyfit taster for yourself?




Email - debbie.donaldson1@sky.com Call 07846 237 855

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