BUGGYFIT – It is about more than a fitness class !

BUGGYFIT – It is about more than a fitness class!

?It’s about moving your body with safe exercises for mums
☕️It’s about socialising with other mums, both before, during & after the class.⁣
?It’s about taking a little well-deserved “mum time”⁣
☀️It’s about getting out in the sunshine & fresh air ⁣

It’s about being part of a supportive, understanding community of like-minded women who want to be the fittest, healthiest, happiest version of themselves!⁣

It’s about being able to keep connected to those who make you smile and remind you that you’re not alone on this motherhood journey!

Would you like to be part of an amazing group of mums at Buggyfit?

Message me to find out how you can book a taster class!