8 Reasons why you need to start Hula Hooping in 2018

8 Reasons to start Hula Hooping in 2018 and why you are going to love this fun exercise to support your health, well being and creativity.

1 – Tone Up – Hula hooping is a great way to tone your mummy tummy but also tones up your arms – much more fun than lifting weights at the gym.
2- Tummy Toner – blast away your mummy tummy by hula hooping, burning calories the fun way.
3- Core Blimey – Hula hooping will strengthen your core and help improve your posture.
4- Feel Good Factor- when you hula hoop you work up a sweat and increase your heart rate , this induces Endorphins which help lift your mood and make you feel great.
5- Brain Booster – hula hooping involves learning new fun moves, moving to music and coordination which all boost your brain. It is the fastest 1 hour class you will take part in.
6- Balance – Hula hooping involves using the right and left side of the brain and body improving strength and balance. When the body and mind are in balance , so is your life.
7- Fun – Hula hooping is a fun form of exercise, you will be amazed just how much fun you can have in a hoop.
8- Friendship – Hula hooping is such a fun exercise where you will meet new friends, or bring along your friends.

Would you like a chance to try Hula Hooping in 2018 ?

Thursday 04 January 8pm Gosforth – a free taster session
Places are limited so to grab a place email debbie.donaldson1@sky.com www.debbiedonaldson.co.uk

Ruth’s feedback – the best result of the class has been able to keep the hoop for a considerable amount of time and developing my core strength. A great class for any level and ability and something different for getting fit.