Why I love to use notebooks

I love to use notebooks because they spark creativity, improve my productivity and inspire me.

Carrying a notebook – this tells your subconscious to expect ideas to flow. We all know our best ideas happen when we least expect them that’s why many people keep a notebook by their bed. I certainly do, as many ideas come to me before bed, during the night or first thing in the morning.

Declutter your bran – as busy mums, we have so many ideas, to-dos, and actions. Writing them down in a notebook helps declutter your brain.

One main to-do list – write a complete to-do list in your notebook this helps you from feeling overwhelmed.
Getting it out of your head and on to paper feels amazing, you will feel so much lighter for doing so.

Journalling – it is not easy to find time to journal but maybe you just write down things your baby or children have been doing. It does not have to be any more than a few lines, remember to date them, and you will always have them to refer back too.

Write down your goals – writing them down helps your brain turn them into a reality!

Energy Retreat

Energy Retreat – Sat 02 Feb St Mary’s Lighthouse

When was the last time you moved, danced, meditated, focused without worrying about anything else other than you?

Energy Retreat is open to all women desiring more creativity and connection in their lives. No experience necessary just a desire to play and enjoy.
Spend the day immersed in joyful activation and energising activities, whilst being at the lighthouse surrounded by outdoor beauty for the day.
Take away the practices of the day and infuse them into daily life.

Is this Energy Retreat day for you?

Are you ready to rip off the layers and shake up your senses?
Have you felt a need to reconnect with playfulness and release?
Do you need to tune back into vitality and energy?

Join Debbie and Veronica and a circle of women on a day of joyful play and energising workshops.
The day will be held at St Marys Lighthouse whilst surrounded by the sea from 1030-4.
The cost for the day = £90 which includes all the sessions plus refreshments. Lunch is NOT included
you will need to bring your own lunch as there are no catering facilities at the lighthouse

Energy Retreat Day Includes :

Guided Relaxation
Tibetan 5 Rites Yoga Practices
Journaling & Mindfulness
Dance Workshop
Crystals and Balance Workshop
Hula Hoop Workshop
Sound & retuning workshop
Laughter Yoga
Guided Relaxation and Round Up
Finish and Actions to take you forward

To book contact – Debbie Donaldson – debbie.donaldson1@skycom 07846 237855

Combining their life experiences and skill set, Veronica & Debbie are passionate about supporting people to make real change in their lives.
Veronica is an experienced Clinical, Transpersonal & Holistic Hypnotherapist with a background in energy work, mind-body techniques & sound therapy. With 16 years of practice, she has a wealth of experience with 121 sessions, group work, workshops, and events.
Debbie is a fitness instructor with 20 years experience of delivering fun motivational fitness programmes including Hula hooping, Zumba, Aerobics and Dance Fitness. Debbie believes exercise should be enjoyable and rewarding and anyone of any age can take part. www.debbiedonaldson.co.uk

To book a place on this amazing day contact – Debbie Donaldson – debbie.donaldson1@skycom 07846 237855

8 Reasons why you need to start Hula Hooping in 2018

8 Reasons to start Hula Hooping in 2018 and why you are going to love this fun exercise to support your health, well being and creativity.

1 – Tone Up – Hula hooping is a great way to tone your mummy tummy but also tones up your arms – much more fun than lifting weights at the gym.
2- Tummy Toner – blast away your mummy tummy by hula hooping, burning calories the fun way.
3- Core Blimey – Hula hooping will strengthen your core and help improve your posture.
4- Feel Good Factor- when you hula hoop you work up a sweat and increase your heart rate , this induces Endorphins which help lift your mood and make you feel great.
5- Brain Booster – hula hooping involves learning new fun moves, moving to music and coordination which all boost your brain. It is the fastest 1 hour class you will take part in.
6- Balance – Hula hooping involves using the right and left side of the brain and body improving strength and balance. When the body and mind are in balance , so is your life.
7- Fun – Hula hooping is a fun form of exercise, you will be amazed just how much fun you can have in a hoop.
8- Friendship – Hula hooping is such a fun exercise where you will meet new friends, or bring along your friends.

Would you like a chance to try Hula Hooping in 2018 ?

Thursday 04 January 8pm Gosforth – a free taster session
Places are limited so to grab a place email debbie.donaldson1@sky.com www.debbiedonaldson.co.uk

Ruth’s feedback – the best result of the class has been able to keep the hoop for a considerable amount of time and developing my core strength. A great class for any level and ability and something different for getting fit.